Movement Metaphor

Posted on: June 8th, 2012

By Dan Norman

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Welcome to my blog “Life in Motion.”

I enjoy letting an object, a person, a sound, move me.  Sometimes I move inside, currents, waves, nothing… sometimes I’m informed to move literally, slow, fast, stuck, brittle, fluid.  I took these photos on the way to work today and so far they’ve led to music, different ideas for movement sessions with clients and given my mind, my body, broad themes to work with.  The more we draw out metaphor the more we are inclined to see, feel, touch, share and describe.  Our capacity to move can be broken down into larger general chunks, patterns, but the myriad collaboration of thought, feeling, timbre, nuance and intent lend an infinite variety, a creative and unique experience in all we do.  Can you feel the grip and the swing of the bars?  Can you sense the interior through the grid?  Can you recall the exploring as a child?  So free….. I hope you enjoy feeling into the images, let the sensations and the suggestion of movement inside or out, come and go.

   Inviting fingers

Pull! Pull!

Am I free without?

Or trapped within?

What of the plant!?

Safe inside

How special

That reflection…

Rather obliquely

I fashion my path

Which one eats the other?

Which way to truth?

Stay on track?

Or deviate…

What lies underneath?

Running into

Or running away?

Jump up and play

You remember!

Soft and hard

Try and squeeze through

I need to reach out






Bottom right

To top left

Through that special stone

Third row up, centre stage

A perfect staircase

A route through

How good that feels!

What a view….

Champion of the world

Lines, levels, steps, stages, structure, blocks, patterns, rhythms, meaning, no-meaning, reminders, clues, breadcrumbs, tracks and trails, what do I see or notice when I meet someone, what do I take, what do I give, what passes unseen, unnoticed?  Why do some things please us so much and what happens when we take nothing…..I enjoyed the rain today, the wet, the cool wind, the sound my feet made on the floor, it shaped me and I it.

“Many a trip continues long after movement in time and space have ceased..”

John Steinbeck


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